XenForo Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to change header color scheme. It applies to all styles based on Artodia styles framework.

Layout differences

All styles based on Artodia Framework have 2 layouts: one with white or dark background color, one with primary (such as blue or green) color.

Examples of default layout:

Examples of same styles with alternative header:

How to change layout

In admin control panel click "style properties" link for your style. Find style property groups "Content Wrapper" and below it "Alternative Header".

If you cannot find such style property groups, you are ether looking at wrong style (see "style" dropdown above groups) or this tutorial does not apply to your style.

Enable content wrapper

Alternative header works only if content wrapper is enabled. Therefore you need to enable content wrapper. To do that click "Content Wrapper" in style property groups list.

1. Enable content wrapper by checking option "wrap whole page in global content wrapper".

2. Make sure header is not wrapped by disabling option "include header in global content wrapper". Options below it can be disabled or enabled - it won't make difference for most styles.

3. Click "Update style properties" button.

Enable alternative header

Select "Alternative Header" style properties group and enable option "Enable alternative wrapper layout".

That's it.

Customizing wrapper and header

To configure page background color click "Page Layout" link on left side then click background color to change background color:

Use options below it to change other layout elements.

To change layout of navigation when alternative wrapper is enabled, select "Alternative Header: Navigation" style properties group (it is right after "Alternative Header" group).


If you have any questions or ran into problems, please post your questions on support forum.