XenForo 1 Style

Latest version information

Version: 2.0.7

Last updated: May 25, 2018

Compatible with: XenForo 1.5.21

Elegance style is available in 2 versions: Elegance and Elegance 2.

Styles look similar, but have different features and slightly different layout. Both styles are developed and updated.

Both styles come as package, by purchasing one you get access to both styles and can use ether one on your forum.

Preview Elegance 2 style

You can preview this style at online demo. There are several premade color variations available to choose from.

This is a commercial style. To download it you must purchase a license.


Price: 29 USD


Branding-free option: 20 USD

Removes style copyright in footer.

Your license will be valid for 1 year. After license expires, you will be able to use style on your website, but you will not be able to upgrade it until you renew license. Renewal fee will be $10.

Please read license agreement before purchasing this style.

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Below are downloads for Elegance 2. Click here to download Elegance 1

Versions archive

Color variations

Using ColorizeIt script you can create custom color variations of this style.

You can select default color scheme or start with any of premade color variations.

Editor is not yet connected to customers area, so it cannot pull zip file with style to customize it. You will need to download default color scheme (very important: upload only default color scheme, not color variation) and upload it to editor. See tutorial (link below).

Click here for tutorial explaining how it works.