XenForo 1 Style

Latest version information

Version: 2.0.7

Last updated: May 25, 2018

Compatible with: XenForo 1.5.21

Elegance style is available in 2 versions: Elegance and Elegance 2.

Styles look similar, but have different features and slightly different layout. Both styles are developed and updated.

Both styles come as package, by purchasing one you get access to both styles and can use ether one on your forum.

Preview Elegance 2 style

You can preview this style at online demo. There are several premade color variations available to choose from.

Style Features

Support for popular add-ons

Style has built in support for many popular add-ons:
  • XenForo Resource Manager
  • XenForo Media Gallery
  • GoodForNothing Classifieds
  • Showcase
  • Article Management System (AMS)
  • CTA Featured Threads & Portal
  • xenPorta and xenPorta 2 Pro
  • xenAtendo 2 Pro
  • User Albums
  • sonnb's Xen Gallery
Style works very well with other add-ons as well.

Responsive design

Style has responsive design, which means it works on desktop and mobile browsers. Mobile version has slightly different layout, allowing to fit all content on small mobile phone screens.

High definition display support

Style supports high definition displays, such as Apple Retina display or HD display on modern phones: all elements of forum style look smooth on high definition displays.

In addition to usual logo you can set high resolution logo that will be used for devices with high definition display.

Customizable Features

Static navigation

Static navigation that always stays on top of browser window when you scroll down.

Layout of static navigation can be customized in style properties.

Forum administrator can completely disable static navigation, configure it to show only main links or two rows of links.

Compact nodes

When browser window is wide enough to split forums into multiple columns, style splits forums into 2, 3 or more columns.

Forums are split evenly to fill all available space. Forum admin can configure max number of columns, width breaking points.

This feature can be disabled, enabled for all categories or enabled only for selected few categories.

Threads list improvements

Ability to separate sticky threads and normal threads. Sticky threads are shown in their own block, forum admin can configure layout of separator between normal and sticky threads and can set different background color for sticky threads.

Compact threads list. It is similar to compact nodes list described above, but applies to threads. Compact threads list can be disabled, enabled only for specific forums, enabled for sticky and/or normal threads.

Custom node icons and glyphs

Style has several options for node list customization:
  • Custom category glyphs.

    Administrator can assign Font Awesome or Glyph Icons glyphs to any category. Glyphs will be shown before category name (see categories on screenshot).

  • Custom node glyphs.

    Administrator can assign custom Font Awesome or Glyph Icons glyphs to any forum node or set of nodes.

    It is possible to assign different glyphs for same forum in read and unread states and customize colors for each node state.

    On sample all forum nodes in first category have custom glyphs.

  • Custom node sprites.

    Administrator can assign custom node sprite images. Sprite image must have same dimensions as default XenForo node sprites and include images for at least read and unread states.

    On sample all forum nodes in last category have custom sprites.

    It is not possible to assign custom glyph and sprite at the same time for one node because they replace each other.

Floating navigation

Style has floating navigation on bottom right corner. It allows user to quickly go to top or bottom of current page.

Collapsable categories

Categories can be collapsed and expanded. Administrator can set which categories are collepsed by default.

Category status is stored in cookie, automatically hiding categories visitor does not want to see.

Different breadcrumb layouts

Style has 2 built in layouts for breadcrumb block. Administrator can select layout in style properties.

Message layout wrapper

Style has several customization options for message layout. The most important one is option to wrap message in additional container.

When message wrapper is disabled, poster profile and message are contained in separate blocks with arrow between them.

When message wrapper is enabled, poster profile and message are contained within same block. Poster profile has different background (you can disable it) to separate profile from message.

There are several other options to make customization of message layout easier, such as option to expand poster profile to bottom of message, option to add extra separator between messages on mobile devices, option to show or hide arrow between poster profile and message.

vBulletin message layout

Another option for message layout is vBulletin message layout.

Many forums are switching away from vBulletin, their customers are used to displaying poster profile above message.

This option can be enabled in style properties. It does not change forum behavior, only the way messages are displayed.