XenForo styles based on Artodia framework

All XenForo styles below are based on one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced, styles framework for XenForo.

All styles below have more than 700 custom style properties, neatly organized in easy to understand groups. Styles use Font Awesome and Glyph Icons Pro glyphs instead of XenForo UI sprite.

Some features (each feature can be enabled/disabled and customized):

  • High definition display (displays used on modern phones/tablets and sometimes laptops, such as Apple Retina) support for everything, including node sprites and logo.
  • Multiple layouts for navigation.
  • Static / sticky navigation.
  • Compact nodes list.
  • Custom node sprites and glyphs.
  • Multiple post layouts, including layout with horizontal profile.
  • Multiple configurations for breadcrumbs.
  • Sidebar features: ability to toggle sidebar, option to move sidebar to left side and several layout options.
  • Customizable widget block in footer (disabled by default).

All styles below support RTL languages. Even node sprites and some glyphs are flipped on forums that use Arabic or Hebrew language pack.

Screenshot of style properties groups, organized in categories: