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    All XenForo styles have been updated.

    Changes for all styles:
    • Full support for latest version of Showcase add-on
    • Option to display main sidebar on left side
    • Many bug fixes
    Change for Elegance style:
    • Horizontal post profile has been changed. Layout is a bit different and you can customize avatar size.
    Changes for Simplicity, Graphite, Digi and Revo styles:
    • Style properties have been re-organized. They are now listed in sub-groups of existing style groups, making it easy to find properties for specific feature. Many new style properties have been added. Sample screenshot.
    • Font Awesome has been updated for version 4.3.0. It has also been removed from zip file, styles use external CDN instead.
    • Responsive navigation has been rebuilt. It no longer scales user tabs (profile, alerts, conversations) as long as those tabs can fit on 60% of screen, which should almost always be more than enough. Instead script scales navigation tabs on left side first. Also fixed issues that were causing navigation on mobile devices go out of its boundaries on first page load, causing page to scale down.
    • Compact nodes list is disabled by default.
    • Horizontal post profile has been changed. Layout is a bit different, you can customize avatar size and there is new option to apply horizontal post profile only to first post.
    Change for Graphite style:
    • Avatars are no longer rounded by default. To make them rounded set border radius to 50% in style properties -> general -> avatar (same option works in all other styles).

    To update from previous version import new XML file and upload latest styles/[style name]/xenforo/style.js
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