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    All styles based on Artodia framework have been updated.

    • Simplicity and Graphite support alternative navigation feature:
    • New feature: alternative header layout. All styles have second header layout that uses different color scheme. Tutorial is available. Screenshots for all styles:
    • New feature: sprite breadcrumbs.
      In addition to default and simple breadcrumb layout, all styles have third option: sprite breadcrumbs. It looks similar to default breadcrumb layout, but is much smoother because instead of CSS tricks it uses image sprites. Sample of possible breadcrumb layouts for Latte style:
      You can find samples for other styles in features list on style download page. You can see it in action on this forum.

      Breadcrumbs for each style are easy to configure and include sprites for multiple color variables. Feature supports high definition displays and RTL languages.
    • Style properties have been re-organized to make it easier to locate and edit properties.
    • Better support for RTL languages! In addition to other RTL improvements, node sprites have been mirrored for RTL languages, which is something that even default XenForo doesn't do.
    • Better support for IE8.
    • Color variations of all styles no longer change colors of items that aren't supposed to be changed, such as Redactor editor buttons.
    • Option to show login form in overlay instead of dropdown. It works similar to login form in Elegance style and you can see it in action on this forum.
    • Option to show sidebar on the left side now works properly.
    • Option to show search bar in header instead of navigation. It does not work when alternative navigation is enabled.
    • Lightbox overlay layout no longer uses XenForo sprite images. It has been replaced with mix of CSS3 and FontAwesome.
    • Many bug fixes.
    To update from previous version you need to:
    • Import style XML file
    • Upload new files in styles/{style name}/xenforo/
    • Upload new directory styles/{style name}/xenforo/crumbs/
    • Update styles/{style name}/xenforo/style.js
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