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    XenForo 2 developer preview has just been released by XenForo team. That means it is time to start working on new styles and add-ons for XenForo 2.

    What's going to happen to customers and XenForo 1 stuff?
    • All XenForo 1 styles will be updated to XenForo 2. There are huge differences in code, so its not strictly an update, but completely new styles. Those new styles will look as close to old styles as possible.
    • Styles will be publicly available when XenForo 2 alpha or beta will be released.
    • Email Customizer add-on for XenForo 1 might be useless in XenForo 2 because of how XenForo 2 templates work. I'm not sure yet what will happen to that add-on.
    Other things:
    • Upcoming WordPress themes I've mentioned in some posts will have to wait a bit.
    • In upcoming weeks I'll be announcing new project that will replace glyph fonts in my styles with SVG. Its like FontAwesome, but better and with way bigger choices of images. It will be open source. At this point new project is about 90% ready - it is done, working, tested, but not yet polished, doesn't have documentation and doesn't have website. When documentation and website are done, I'll announce it. It is something I've been preparing for XenForo 2 styles, but later decided to make it public and open source, so other developers could use it as well for any projects.
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