XenForo 1.5.11 update

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    All styles have been updated for XenForo 1.5.11 and XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.10

    While its a minor XenForo update, there have been many changes to all styles.

    What's new

    From now on all my styles use Artodia Framework add-on, including old styles that previously didn't use it. Add-on is included with all styles.

    Improved support for third party add-ons

    Until this release all styles included template for third party add-ons by supplying modified templates with style. For example, to support Showcase add-on, styles included edited versions of nflj_showcase_reviews.css, nflj_showcase_layout_list_view_item.css and other templates. XenForo styles cannot include anything other than templates and style properties, so it was the only way to provide support for third party add-ons.

    That method was causing issues:
    • Style could not include multiple versions of same template, so it was tied to specific version of add-on.
    • When add-on was updated, style had to be updated.
    Because I provide support for many third party add-ons, this was getting out of hand. Styles required too much maintenance and for some add-ons support was far from perfect because of high number of features in those add-ons.

    New version uses different approach: template modifications added by Artodia Framework add-on. Instead of including edited templates, Artodia Framework add-on automatically applies changes to templates.

    Advantages of using template modifications:
    • No need to update style whenever you update supported third party add-on.
    • Style can support multiple versions of same add-on at the same time.
    • Less maintenance.

    Downside is users will need to install Artodia Framework add-on in addition to installing style.

    This release supports the following add-ons using new template modifications method:
    • Showcase
    • Article Management System
    • User Blog System
    • XenPorta 2 Pro
    • XenAtendo 2
    • Widget Framework
    • CT Featured Threads & Portal
    • GFN Classifieds
    Support for those add-ons has been completely rebuilt. Old version didn't support all layout types for some add-ons, such as AMS due to massive amount of templates and maintenance required. New version supports all features of those add-ons. Each showcase/article/blog page should look perfectly with any of my styles with any add-on settings, as if add-ons were designed for it.

    Improved performance of existing features

    Some features have been moved from JavaScript to PHP. Instead of messing with HTML code on client side, Artodia Framework add-on does it on server side, which redices page rendering speed.

    These features will no longer work unless you have Artodia Framework add-on installed:
    • Custom node icons
    • Custom node glyphs
    • Custom category glyphs
    • Custom thread icons
    This change affects only styles that had those features before today. Some of these features will be added to Soft Responsive, Black Responsive and Elegance v1 styles in one of next releases.

    Other changes

    There were some other changes to styles:
    • Few bug fixes
    • Support for PHP 7.1 (there were minor issues in templates that would trigger notices when debug mode is enabled with PHP 7.1)
    • Updated FontAwesome to latest version

    Elegance v1, Black Responsive and Soft Responsive archive structure has changed. From now on those styles use same archive structure as my other styles:
    • upload/js - Artodia Framework add-on js files
    • upload/library - Artodia Framework add-on php files
    • upload/styles - style files

    If you do not want to install framework add-on, you can skip upload/js and upload/library.

    To update from previous version you need to:
    • Upload new JavaScript files (style/*style name*/xenforo/js/ or style/*style name*/xenforo/style.js). Other files weren't changed.
    • Update style by importing new XML file.
    • Update or install Artodia Framework add-on (upload new files, update add-on in admin panel)