XenForo 1.4.3 and Resource Manager 1.1.5 updates

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Arty, Nov 18, 2014.

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    All XenForo styles have been updated for XenForo 1.4.3 and XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.5.

    To update from previous version import new XML file.

    Also the following changes were done to Simplicity and Graphite styles:
    • Many bug fixes
    • Compact threads feature has been reworked. Now you can apply compact threads only to normal or to sticky threads. You can also select what nodes compact nodes feature is applied to.
    • Sticky and normal threads are now separated in compact thread mode with customizable block.
    • In nodes list function to collapse/expand categories has been reworked. It is now much easier to configure. When collapsing/expanding category, process is animated (200ms animation, so its shiny yet doesn't interfere with functionality) instead of just showing/hiding it.
    To update from previous version of Simplicity or Graphite style, in addition to importing new XML file you need to update xenforo/style.js
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