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    Welcome to new!

    Website has been completely rebuilt. It is now based on my latest XenForo style "Revo" that will be released in few days. Every part of website has been rebuilt to improve user experience:
    • New home page featuring shiny slider that displays all available styles (usable on touch devices).
    • New pages for styles and tutorials.
    • High definition display support through out website, except for images in old tutorials.
    • One click shopping cart for purchases and license renewals.
    • In past I relied on PayPal to redirect customer to download page, but sometimes PayPal failed (it sent purchase notification after redirecting customer, so customer had to wait). Now after purchasing style you will receive email notification with download links.
    • Custom email layout for XenForo emails.
    • Navigation and pages for phpBB 3.1 styles. ;) (edit: this is going to be removed in future update)

    If you notice any issues, please post on support forum or use contact form.

    During next week there will be few minor updates:
    • All existing XenForo styles will be updated.
    • New XenForo styles will be released: Revo (you can see it on this forum) and Digi. There is third style in development that is not available on demo yet and will be released in few weeks.
    • New tutorials for XenForo will be added.
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