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    In next few months there will be many changes on Artodia.


    I'm working on new framework for XenForo styles. Some of its features:
    • Visual editor for style. You will be able to customize style by editing elements directly on forum, not only in admin panel. That is the biggest part of framework, which will take some time to complete.
    • New framework will add nested css (similar to Less/Sass) syntax to XenForo. It will apply to css templates and to style properties. It means you'll be able to add media queries and nested directly to style properties.
    • No more web fonts. Framework will not include FontAwesome. Instead it will include large collection of SVG images, which include FontAwesome glyphs. This part of framework is ready. Current count of SVG images in framework is about 9000.
    • New style properties engine that will replace XenForo style properties for framework. It will feature nested css, conditional style properties (content of property depends on other properties), inheritance. Updating style will not override existing style properties, making it possible to do automatic update without breaking anything.
    • Color functions in style properties will make it easy to switch color schemes by changing just 1-2 colors. Conditional style properties will make it possible to add multiple premade layouts for nodes, navigation, posts without adding tons of style properties. Framework will feature multiple premade layout for many items, making it possible to completely change layout of forum.
    This is a massive framework. It will make customizing styles very simple. It will replace XenForo style properties engine for styles based on new framework.

    Unfortunately such things take time. If XenForo 2.0 is announced before framework is near completion, framework might be delayed until XF 2.0.


    I will be releasing WordPress themes. Because I do not have experience designing WP themes, first few themes will be experimental and most likely free.

    XenForo framework I mentioned above is not being coded strictly for XenForo. It does not rely on XenForo code. It is standalone system that can be applied to pretty much any software. Eventually I will use it for new WordPress theme. Goal is to use same framework for WordPress themes and XenForo styles, making it easy to integrate WP and XF.


    Working on XenForo and WordPress takes all my available time, there is no time left for phpBB. Because of that there won't be any new phpBB styles. There will be some support for styles for phpBB 3.1, these styles will be updated for compatibility with latest phpBB 3.1. phpBB 3.0 styles will be gone. Eventually phpBB 3.1 styles will be gone as well. Anyone who wants to update styles for phpBB 3.2 is welcome to do that and release updated styles on phpbb.com


    There is no ETA for anything. New stuff will be ready when its ready. Because of summer things are moving slowly
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    Update on everything posted above:


    New framework I mentioned in previous post will not be available for XenForo 1. Instead it will be base for all my styles for XenForo 2. All existing XenForo 1 styles will be updated for XenForo 2 and will be based on that framework.

    Due to massive differences in layout between XenForo 1 and XenForo 2, styles updated for XenForo 2 will look slightly different than XenForo 1 versions.


    phpBB 3.2 has been released. phpBB 3.1 styles will not be updated for 3.2 for several reasons:
    • Due to many changes styles have to be re-coded. It would take too much time.
    • Maintaining styles for 3 software packages is too much, so I'll be abandoning phpBB styles in favor of WordPress themes.
    • phpBB 3.1/3.2 extension system. Template hooks make it very hard to customize styles. Injecting code into template makes it impossible to customize that code, injection points must remain in templates, making it impossible to change anything. It is a very bad system. Other forums have used better systems for many years before phpBB 3.1 was released: using template variables instead of injecting code, splitting templates into smaller reusable chunks, template modifications that can handle regular expressions.
    phpBB 3.1 styles will not be maintained anymore.


    edit: this won't happen, instead there will be a new SVG framework


    This website will stay as is for now, but will be replaced with new better version. Current version is mix of custom code and XenForo, new version will be based on WordPress. It will feature better shopping cart, proper customer section and more documentation. For now phpBB section will remain, but after update it will be gone.

    edit: this is no longer valid. Plans have changed. WordPress themes are no longer among goals. Instead I'll be working on new SVG framework.
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