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    Many customers are asking when XenForo 2 styles will be available. Unfortunately answer is: not any time soon.

    In last couple of years I had several issues that caused development to half for months. All those issues have been resolved by now, I'm working as fast as I can.

    So what's going on right now and what is planned?


    My XenForo 1 styles included 2 sets of fonts. That slowed down page loading considerably. Also fonts are rendered inconsistently among different browsers and operating systems, making them a bad choice for icons. This is why when preparing for XenForo 2 I've started working on SVG framework. Later it turned out to be bigger project than I initially anticipated, so I've moved it to separate open source project: SimpleSVG.

    Developing SimpleSVG is currently my main priority. Until development is done there is no point in creating new styles because they will all depend on SimpleSVG framework.

    SimpleSVG is working and stable.

    However there is an issue: updating icon sets is not automated. Currently website is collection of static pages generated with Jekyll, search index is also static set of JSON files, synchronising icons on servers that serve JSON and SVG data is also manual process. So for example when FontAwesome team add new icons to FontAwesome 5, adding them to SimpleSVG takes a lot of manual work. I'm trying to automate it all. Automatically updating icons is done, website is almost done, changing search process is next task. I think it will all be ready in 2-3 weeks.

    XenForo styles

    When SimpleSVG automation will be complete, I'll continue working on XenForo 2 styles.

    At least that's the plan for now. Plans might change.

    Current plan is to not update existing styles for XenForo 2. Instead I want to create 1 style that will have sub-styles that resemble existing XenForo 1 styles. Why is that? Because my focus will not be on XenForo 2 styles. In addition to XenForo 2 style I'll also make a WordPress theme that matches it.

    Forums are slowly dying because of some social media networks providing forum-like functionality, but static websites are always in demand. Developing styles for forums is way harder than developing simple websites, so effort/reward ratio is much much higher when working with forums than when working with WordPress.

    Another issue is XenForo 2 has hardcoded FontAwesome in stylesheet, making it impossible to switch to SVG frameworks. I really want to use SimpleSVG in all my projects, but XenForo 2 makes it too hard, which discourages me from working with XenForo 2.

    So when it will be ready? I don't know. I don't have ETA for anything.
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