New XenForo styles: Simplicity and Graphite

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Arty, Nov 14, 2014.

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    2 new XenForo styles are available:

    Both styles are based on brand new framework that includes a lot of cool stuff that is not available in other styles:
    • Styles are using Font Awesome and Glyph Icons Pro instead of XenForo sprites.
    • Compact nodes list with dynamic number of columns, configurable per category.
    • Compact threads list! It is similar to compact nodes list, but for threads list. Feature is disabled by default because it might result in confusion for large forums.
    • High definition display support. You can set custom logo for high definition displays, all style images have HD counterparts.
    • Custom node icons. You can assign custom icon (normal and high definition) for each node or category.
    • Custom node glyphs! You can replace node icons with Font Awesome or Glyph Icons Pro glyphs.
    and many other features. See download pages for more details.

    Styles come in several color variations and you can create custom color variations using ColorizeIt script.