New XenForo styles: Revo and Digi

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    2 new XenForo styles are available:
    Both styles are based on same framework as Simplicity and Graphite styles and include all features available in those styles. Also they have new feature: different navigation (it can be disabled if you prefer normal XenForo navigation).

    Navigation in new styles works differently than in other XenForo styles. Primary navigation is displayed in header on right side of logo with big shiny glyphs. Secondary navigation is combined with user navigation and displayed in one row below header. It is fully responsive, supports sticky navigation feature and is fully customizable.

    Both styles include 2 demos with default color scheme: one with default configuration, one with slightly different configuration (no custom edits - everything can be enabled/disabled in style properties):

    Both styles are available in several color schemes. You can see them all at demo forum:
    You can create custom color schemes using ColorizeIt.

    Screenshots of both styles:

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