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    New XenForo style is available: Latte.

    Its a beige style with coffee theme. Style uses gradients, shadows and rounded corners (all CSS3). It is intended to eventually replace Soft Responsive - Coffee Edition.

    This style is a bit cheaper than my other premium XenForo styles because it has only 1 color scheme, but that doesn't mean it offers less. It is based on same framework as my other recent styles, so it has same features as those styles:
    • High definition display support.
    • Compact nodes list.
    • Compact threads list.
    • Custom glyphs for navigation.
    • Custom glyphs for forum categories.
    • Custom node glyphs, custom node sprites.
    • Static navigation.
    • Floating up/down navigation.
    • Non-standard navigation layout with main buttons placed in header. Normal XenForo navigation is also available.
    • Two layouts for breadcrumbs.
    • Several options for message layout: separate profile and message, wrapped layout with merged profile and message.
    • vBulletin-like message layout with horizontal user profile.
    • Fixed (but fully responsive) and fluid layout, with and without content wrapper block.
    This style has only 1 color variation, but you can make custom color variations as well by editing style on ColorizeIt.

    There are 2 versions of style on styles demo:

    Style page: click here.


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