New parser and download process

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Arty, May 30, 2011.

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    There are few big changes to parsing of styles:
    • Style authors can select which files to parse and which files not to parse. Often styles include images that are not part of style and should not be parsed, this option allows style authors to upload styles with those files.
    • New download process. Visitors can see progress and some files are parsed in browser instead of server.

    When downloading files, you used to click "download" button and wait for server to parse everything, then show you a dialog with download link. You no longer have to wait staring at your screen, your browser will take part in processing files. New parser splits styles into two parts: one that is being parsed on server, other one that is being parsed in your browser.

    It is experimental and things might go wrong. If you'll notice something, please report it.

    Why was it changed?
    • It reduces load on server, allowing more concurrent downloads.
    • ColorizeIt can parse images of any size. Many themes use huge background or header images that ColorizeIt couldn't parse, now they will be parsed.