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    I made an (incomplete) template for the NV recent topics MOD that seems to work well (I haven't validated it yet).
    It misses just one thing: pagination, that is implemented in a special way in Artodia Mobile & CEO.
    Instead of pagination, you may make the header of recent topics link to active topics for a furher list.

    I replaced the "recent_topics_body.html" of the art_mobile with the one below, based on the "search_results.html" of the same style. Hope I have made no mistakes and that it helps! :D

    edit: <!-- END recent_topics --> was in wrong place.

    <!-- IF FALSE -->
        Simple template for the NV_recent_topics phpBB MOD to work with the Artodia Mobile & CEO style.
        TODO: Implement pagination.
    <!-- ENDIF -->
    <div class="forums">
        <!-- IF recent_topics.S_FIRST_ROW or not recent_topics.S_TOPIC_TYPE_SWITCH -->
        <p class="header gradient link"><a href="{U_SEARCH_ACTIVE_TOPICS}">{L_RECENT_TOPICS}</a></p>
        <!-- ENDIF -->
        <ul class="topiclist forums">
            <!-- BEGIN recent_topics -->
            <li class="row link<!-- IF recent_topics.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --> row-new<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF recent_topics.PAGINATION --> has-pagination<!-- ENDIF -->" onclick="document.location.href='<!-- IF recent_topics.S_UNREAD_TOPIC -->{recent_topics.U_NEWEST_POST}<!-- ELSE -->{recent_topics.U_VIEW_TOPIC}<!-- ENDIF -->'; return false;">
                  <a href="{recent_topics.U_VIEW_TOPIC}" class="topictitle">{recent_topics.TOPIC_TITLE}</a>
                  <!-- IF recent_topics.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --><a href="{recent_topics.U_NEWEST_POST}" class="newest">{L_NEW_POST}</a><!-- ENDIF -->
                  {L_POST_BY_AUTHOR} {recent_topics.LAST_POST_AUTHOR_FULL}
                <!-- IF not recent_topics.S_TOPIC_GLOBAL -->{L_IN} <a href="{recent_topics.U_VIEW_FORUM}">{recent_topics.FORUM_TITLE}</a><!-- ENDIF -->
                  <span class="replies<!-- IF not recent_topics.TOPIC_REPLIES --> empty<!-- ENDIF -->" title="{L_REPLIES}">{recent_topics.REPLIES}</span>
            <!-- IF recent_topics.PAGINATION -->
            <li class="row-pagination<!-- IF recent_topics.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --> row-new<!-- ENDIF -->">
                {L_GOTO_PAGE}: <span class="pages">{recent_topics.PAGINATION}</span>
            <!-- ENDIF -->
            <!-- END recent_topics -->
    <!-- IF recent_topics.S_LAST_ROW -->
    <!-- ENDIF -->
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  2. Arty

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    Code looks good. Well done! :D