I simply meant out of a reviewer/perception stand line

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    You don't thank them every time from then on if they're being nice. Wait, why don't you? If a friend of mine hurt me and then made an effort to be nice I would absolutely need to tell them that I appreciate their efforts. Positive reinforcement is a great thing. It helps people behave better, who's to say it can not create a company behave better also? If EA returned no advantages from"doing the bare minimum of human decency" then they wouldn't do even the bare minimum. It is worth rewarding them for it just like it's well worth rewarding a problem child for doing their finest for daily. The difference is you positively reinforce ACTION, not words. EA (and people in general) shouldn't encourage black individuals for any reason beyond the fact that it's the right thing to Mut 21 coins do. Benefits come from good behavior, you shouldn't be on good behavior for those added benefits. After I visit EA contribute to the causes or implement initiatives to assist out black developers or items of that type, then I will praise them. We just should require a higher standard and stop letting firms off the hook easily. I'm of the mindset which cancel civilization is largely poor and individuals should be encouraged to alter and enhance. But we shouldn't let ourselves to be played by companies who are, at the end of the day, looking to eliminate all obstacles in the way of getting our money. I've been stung by false promises too many times.

    Benefits come from good behavior, you should not be on good behavior for the added benefits. "Everybody should just do the right thing" is a naive expectation. And I believe this is true even for individuals too: if you need a person to act in a moral way the ideal way to do that's to give them the right incentives and benefits to create acting morally the best and most attractive solution for them. If you don't then your society will probably be intrinsically unstable.This is where I see this argument breaking . Corporations are not people, they don't have some built-in ethical instincts. If they behave morally, it's because they gain, there is not any other motive. Either because there is pressure internally from their workers to act in a way consistent with the morals and beliefs of their employees, or outside pressure from customers or authorities. After I see EA contribute to the causes or implement initiatives to assist out black developers or items of that type, then I'll praise them. We just should demand a higher standard and stop permitting firms off the hook easily.Well I gave up on Madden for previous few decades. Together with Fifa and NBA2K I play online vs or franchise modes so the microtransactions do not impact me really. Yeah I mean that the monopoly part is terrible but it's the worst with Madden. The PS2/OG Xbox were probably the heyday of the series sadly. Yeah I just purchase them used if they suck so EA don't really get my cash lol. Their last chance? Your average consumer doesn't know and doesn't care about all the little things r/games and other subs really like to complain about. It is astonishing that people around here claim that"madden is on its last leg" such as dude wake up already and realize that you're not the target audience and nothing is gonna change. The people buying these games annual do not care. They want to play Madden.

    I simply meant out of a reviewer/perception stand line. I didn't say the game wouldn't purchase or is going out of business lol. I'm none of people who exaggerates how awful something is because I don't like it. I doubt a lot of people with this particular Reddit even care about sports let alone Madden. From a perception perspective this is a chance for Madden to add new features and improve the engine. If it doesn't then it will still get sales but depending on how bad it is going forward NFL may extend it is license... Remember this isn't necessarily a worldwide sport anyways so lots of the people who play Madden adore soccer. This being their only outlet outside of buy Madden nfl 21 coins older games is a huge reason behind it's achievement. Apologies for being somewhat competitive there.