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Discussion in 'Iconify Support' started by HarvardDoctor, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. HarvardDoctor

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    I just logged in and see the XenForo styles are no more for XenForo 2, I almost started crying because YOU ARE MY FAVORITE XENFORO STYLE DEVELOPER OF ALL TIME!!!! However I read something about "Iconify" so I Google'd Artodia Iconify and it took me to this page. Is Iconify some type of new style plugin for XenForo 2? If so OMG I'm so excited, does that mean we will be able to use these styles with XenForo 2?! https://www.artodia.com/xenforo-styles/ If so I would like to purchase it now! There are literally no good XenForo 2 themes AT ALL and believe me I searched every single last one. The ONLY ones that were good were the ones you've developed. I'm willing to make a $500 donation if it will get you back to making XenForo 2 themes. Please get back to me, thanks!!
  2. Arty

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    There won't be any new XenForo releases.

    Working with forums has no future. Forums are on decline, they have been for many years due to social media and various other software that made communication easier. At the same time forums software gets more and more complicated, meaning it takes more effort to develop and maintain any themes.

    Iconify project is not for XenForo. Initially it was supposed to be for my XenForo 2 themes. I wanted to provide alternative to FontAwesome that XenForo was using, so admins would have bigger choice of icons and some good quality icons with decent pixel grid. However then XenForo 2 beta was released with pretty much hardcoded FontAwesome in stylesheet, making it impossible to get away from fonts. So I've never finished integrating Iconify in XenForo and never will.

    Iconify is still in development, close to completion of version 2, which includes Icon Finder component. XenForo theme and add-on developers can use it (in combination with SVG framework) to provide huge choice of icons. There are currently over 80,000 icons. They can use it in themes, they can use it to allow customisation of navigation and so on. There are many possibilities and I can explain anything and answer all questions of developers who would consider using Iconify in their projects, however I won't be working releasing anything for XenForo.
  3. HarvardDoctor

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    I certainly get your point, you're just my favorite XenForo style developer even though XenForo sucks LMAO! I didn't realize just how silly the XenForo company was becoming until I updated to XenForo 2.. are they smoking on something? LOL, I don't know. It's like they are trying to find ways to make the software worse. Would you consider making all your themes free since they will no longer be developed? Your work is such a gem to the community and it would suck to see it locked away forever. Also, do you have a plugin for your sign up questions?! I love it and would like to have it on my site!

  4. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    XenForo 2 is a great update. It is a huge improvement over XenForo 1. Currently it is probably the most advanced and best coded forum system.

    Hardcoded FontAwesome is something I really dislike, but overall it might have been a good decision at that time. For me it means default icons would be very hard to change, which would require a lot of maintenance so its not worth the effort. I did try that.

    As for my themes, they are for XenForo 1. XenForo 1 themes cannot be upgraded to XenForo 2. There was a thread on XenForo.com forum with similar question. Anyone is welcome to create similar looking themes for XenForo 2, as long as they are released for free.

    Captcha used on this forum is also for XenForo 1, so it cannot be used for XenForo 2. It is available here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/photo-captcha.1251/
  5. HarvardDoctor

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    WOW! I did not know that.. hmmm.. so in your opinion should I go back to XenForo 1? I don't really need XenForo 2, I just updated to it because I assume it is better than XenForo 1.
  6. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    No, keep XenForo 2, but forget about old XenForo 1 stuff. There are plenty of new themes and add-ons for XenForo 2.

    XenForo 1 code is outdated, so it might have issues running on modern versions of PHP, it might have some security issues, browser compatibility issues. I still use it here because I just don't have time to redo this website, website is dead anyway and large chunk of functionality is disabled.

    Always use the latest version of XenForo and any other software.
  7. HarvardDoctor

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    Thanks for the info.. I do like the look of XenForo 1 way better than XenForo 2 but I get what you're saying about performance and security.
  8. HarvardDoctor

    HarvardDoctor New Member

    Was running the new Xenforo 2 through Google PageSpeed and font awesome adds so much more uneccessary bandwidth it's unreal they don't have an option to disable loading all those .woff files.