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Discussion in 'ColorizeIt Suggestions' started by DooBDee, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I hope you remember me. You may remember me from a certain other phpbbstyles website. I had a large career opportunity which I couldn't let go but now I'm settled I'm back into phpbb and php mysql and I just wanted to say that the GUI and performance of colorize script is sensational. I'm going to be using this as I build new site and ill be sure to post any usability feedback and any bugs.

    Congrats on the site, ill be sticking around!


    Edit: commercial integration is very intriguing too. I've got few use cases already.
  2. Arty

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    Hey! :D

    Glad to see you back!

    Arty (formerly known as CyberAlien)
  3. DooBDee

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    Thanks! Good to be back too :)

    Like the name change though you'll always be CA for short!

    Is this support forum for other styles such as seo and mobile theme? if so look forward to the community being built once again. Is seems since my career move nothing major seems to have happened if I'm correct?

  4. Arty

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    No, I'll be building proper website for it during next 2 months. Got a new style coming up (and then styles based on it) that isn't based on nether subsilver nor prosilver, which will require a lot of support, but it will take a while to finish.

    You haven't missed much.
  5. DooBDee

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    Looking forward to new community for that. Do give me a nudge when and ill be sure to register!

    It seems I have missed some aspects on official phpbb such as automod and other bits and bobs but don't think it will take long to read documentation.

    I'll test basic integration within next week as I'm building few custom phpbb modules anyway so will give it a test then, and let you know feedback.