Has this forum been abandoned?

Discussion in 'phpBB Support' started by stalyun, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. stalyun

    stalyun New Member

    Just curious...

    I'd like to change the width of the last post area in Elegance to make it wider. Can anyone help?
  2. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    I can help only with simple requests that don't require any testing. Your request isn't one of them. There is no simple switch for last column.

    See phpBB section in this thread: https://www.artodia.com/threads/upcoming-changes.2753/

    I don't even have a working installation of phpBB anymore because it doesn't work well with php 7.
  3. stalyun

    stalyun New Member

    Thanks for the response.
  4. Živaakcija

    Živaakcija Member

    LOL no support for PHP 7, no support for MariaDatabase, actualy from begining of time phpBB is a worst forum script ever.Its good decision from you @Arty to stop work with this nightmare and so called forum script.
  5. Spyres

    Spyres New Member

    The newest version of phpBB (3.2) was released this week and now fully supports PHP 7 and PHP 7.1.


  6. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    Yes, it supports php 7, but I won't be updating styles. I have no time for that and I don't really like new versions because of ancient (new to phpBB, but ancient by other forum's standards) extensions system.

    phpBB uses template hooks to inject code into templates. That system has been abandoned by other forums half a decade ago for a good reason:

    1. Injecting code means style has no control over that code. That is unless author adds custom templates for each extension, which is waste of time.

    2. It also means style author cannot customize code. Not without breaking extensions. All hooks must be there, they must be inside specific DOM structure. With hundreds of hooks in rather small number of templates, it makes templates uncustomizable.

    What other forums have done many many years ago to counter that:

    1. Using variables instead of injecting code. Need to add new navigation item? Add it to navigation array, then style can display it as style author wants. No hard coded html.

    2. Using template modifications instead of hundreds of hooks. This has been added to vBulletin 3 as third party add-on about a decade ago. It is more flexible than hooks. It still relies on hard coded HTML, but it is more flexible because of possibility to have multiple modifications for different layouts and because modification can be regular expression.

    Overall phpBB 3.1 and 3.2 extension system blows for style authors. It is still better than phpBB 3.0 system that required manually editing code, but is it years behind what commercial (don't know what other free forums use so don't know if their code is also ancient) forums offer.

    Another issue is forums are pretty much dying. Social networks are good enough replacement for forums for many people. People use forums less and less. So I'll be moving on from forums, except for XenForo.
  7. rjt2291

    rjt2291 New Member

    Oh please, that's an excuse. To fix the small number of issues encountered after upgrading to 3.2 would take you merely an hour at most for each 3.1 style. You're a talented developer, satisfy your customers and just do it...
  8. zpintar

    zpintar New Member

    I disagree with it. Many users love forum because of better structure of themes and posts. Forums have more soul then social networks. Many of our users don't like Facebook, Twitter and want smaller close community which is ideal for forums.

    Why you can't start charge for phpbb themes? Many of us will pay you for continue working on phpbb themes. ;)
  9. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    I agree with that, but it doesn't change the simple fact that forums are dying. There are much much fewer forums running today than 5 years ago. Many small communities have moved from forums to Facebook groups. New communities are making FB groups because they don't know better and don't want to know. These communities aren't ran by web developers, setting up and maintaining forum is not a simple thing for them, but making FB group is.

    There are way too many issues with that.

    Licensing issue. phpBB default style is GPL. To make new style I'd have to rewrite files.

    Support issue. I'd have to provide support for third party extensions.

    Another issue is people using phpBB are less willing to part with money. Usually when someone asks for phpBB custom style, their expectation is to pay only double digit amount, which is not realistic. However people requesting custom XenForo styles have much higher expectations.

    It requires way more work than its worth investing.
  10. zpintar

    zpintar New Member

    In that case, big loss for community because your styles are the only what looking really professional.
    I searched half of internet for good phpbb styles and only found yours as something looking really great.
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  11. rjt2291

    rjt2291 New Member


    All other free 3.1 styles are trash, overused, or simply unattractive. Many great 3.0 styles have also never been ported. Yours are designed and structured well enough to be visually simple but well modifiable and I like that. Plus the whole SCSS thing prevents idiots from trying to use your styles.

    Perhaps if money is something you want in order to update your phpBB styles then put up a donation link/page.
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  12. zpintar

    zpintar New Member

    Arty, what exactly must be changed in your styles for compatibility with phpBB 3.2? Maybe some of us can do that.
    Yesterday I tried to install current styles in phpBB 3.2 and only I can noticed are always opened pop-up menus and incorrectly shown buttons in editor.
    If all that work are CSS changes, with your little help I think that we can do that. ;)
    Your styles are obviously important to us (isn't my fault is your great job on this styles :) )
  13. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    You can try comparing 3.1 templates to 3.2 templates to see changes. Can't be more specific than that because I'm traveling right now, don't have necessary tools and files on laptop to check anything.
  14. zpintar

    zpintar New Member

    Huh, OK I'll try.
  15. rjt2291

    rjt2291 New Member

    So I made the same changes as 'cabot' updating the template files to 3.1.10. Copied all the updated template files to my modified style template folder but didn't overwrite the existing files to keep my changes. The files in 'profilefields' were missing too, added those and then added the style to my 3.2 install on localhost and boom it worked like normal again.

    Cabot's 3.1.10 updates.

    I will try doing my own update of the style to 3.2 but I'll be keeping an eye on Cabot's github if he does his own and compare them to mine.

    @Arty - Does the SCSS compiler still fully work with 3.2 and PHP 7? I haven't checked myself.
  16. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    It should work.

    It is not an actual compiler. It is a script that connects to this website, sends scss files, script on this website runs real sass compiler and returns compiled file.
  17. Marcwolf

    Marcwolf New Member

    This is a shame. Our forum has been running continuously since 2006 and we are Proud of it. It's sad that you feel that it does not benifit your time to keep the product running.

    We will have to start looking for another set of stylees them.
  18. Živaakcija

    Živaakcija Member

    I suggest all of you buy Xenforo and Migrate from PhpBB
  19. chour27

    chour27 Member

    IMO, if you want to leave phpBB, I suggest you to look after SMF (Simple Machine Forum) !!
  20. Arty

    Arty Administrator Designer

    Don't post bad advises. SMF's code is worse than phpBB 3.0 that was written 10 years ago.