End of forum style development

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Arty, Nov 28, 2018.

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    After more than 10 years of working with forum styles I have decided that it is time to change.

    I have decided to fully focus on Iconify project. Original plan was to use it only for my XenForo 2 styles, but later it grew into much bigger project and it doesn't leave me any time to work on forum styles. I have suspended XenForo 2 development for as long as possible, hoping I'll find time to finally convert old XenForo 1 styles, but it is simply unrealistic.

    So its time to either delay Iconify development to convert XenForo 1 styles to XenForo 2 or move on from forum styles. Forum style development doesn't stop at creating forum styles, it requires a lot of support and maintenance, so there is no way I can handle both XenForo styles and Iconify. I have decided on second option - moving on from forum styles.

    What will happen to XenForo 1 products? They no longer require maintenance because XenForo 1 is no longer in development, so there is nothing to do. I'll continue supporting customers who continue using XenForo 1, however I strongly recommend switching to XenForo 2 - it is massive improvement over XenForo 1.

    As for Iconify project, there is a lot to do. Currently I'm working on integrating it into XenForo 2, so XenForo 2 style and add-on authors could easily use it in their projects. Then I'll be adding integration to other forum systems and CMS. In future I'll most likely add optional premium icon sets that will pay for development time and hosting.