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Discussion in 'phpBB Support' started by Gaby, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Download and unzip this archive, upload "elegance" folder to the "/your_phpbb_installation/ext/cabot/profilgauche/styles/" folder.

    Enjoy! :D

    PS: Users can disable "Profil sur la gauche" in ucp to.

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  4. Danamel

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    Impeccable, it works nickel.

    Is it possible to do the same for other styles like Simplicity and Basic because working locally my choice is not final.
    Thank you
  5. Gaby

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    Yes. Just duplicates the 'ext/cabot/profilgauche/styles/elegance' folder and rename it for the other style.
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    Thank you
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    Thanks for the Work Gaby,
    I have this theme with my first version of phpbb 3.1

    but i found un bug with the icone in postbody.

    In Version 3.1 :


    In version 3.2 with the same config in colours.scss


    the configuration of icone color doesn't work, impossible to modify,

    have you an idea?

    (sorry for my bad English, i'm french)
  8. Laurent42

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    I solve the problem,

    there is no specific class icon in viewtopic_body.html

    L251, find :
     <a href="{postrow.U_EDIT}" title="{L_EDIT_POST}" class="button button-icon-only">
    and replace :

    <a href="{postrow.U_EDIT}" title="{L_EDIT_POST}" class="button icon-button edit-icon">
    L258, find :
    <a href="{postrow.U_DELETE}" title="{L_DELETE_POST}" class="button button-icon-only">
    and replace :

    <a href="{postrow.U_DELETE}" title="{L_DELETE_POST}" class="button icon-button delete-icon">
    L264, find :
    <a href="{postrow.U_REPORT}" title="{L_REPORT_POST}" class="button button-icon-only">
    and replace :

    <a href="{postrow.U_REPORT}" title="{L_REPORT_POST}" class="button icon-button report-icon">
    L272, find :
    <a href="{postrow.U_WARN}" title="{L_WARN_USER}" class="button button-icon-only">
    and replace :

    <a href="{postrow.U_WARN}" title="{L_WARN_USER}" class="button icon-button warn-icon">
    L279, find :
    <a href="{postrow.U_INFO}" title="{L_INFORMATION}" class="button button-icon-only">
    and replace :

    <a href="{postrow.U_INFO}" title="{L_INFORMATION}" class="button icon-button info-icon">
    L286, find :
    <a href="{postrow.U_QUOTE}" title="{L_REPLY_WITH_QUOTE}" class="button button-icon-only">
    and replace :

    <a href="{postrow.U_QUOTE}" title="{L_REPLY_WITH_QUOTE}" class="button icon-button quote-icon">
  9. Gaby

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    This is not a bug. The prosilver file have been changed between version 3.1.x and 3.2.x. I applied the same modification. I think I should consider your correction proposal as a personalization. But it's debatable.

    I'm french too ;)
  10. Laurent42

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    ok, this modification was in version 3.1 in viewtopic.html of artodia style, not prosilver style.

    thanks too much for the job, it's great.
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    Hi i have few questions if you can help me:
    1. How can i add like/dislike option on post (in version 3.0 i has installed thanks for post but for 3.2 haven't that extension)?
    2.How can i make side bar with separrator (function when 1 click on separator img sidebar will activate but with of forums be smaller,when i 2nd time click on separator img sidebar bee hidden but width of forums it's back on normale i want sidebar just on right side of forums)?
    thaks in advance :)
  12. Pacsker

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    Hi Gaby!

    Could you please help me?
    I've updated my forums to 3.2.2., and also downloaded elegance and basic red 3.2.2 compatible style too.

    I've tried to made some configurations, but i don't understand something.

    What is the difference between "Main page", and the other?
    I've set new rows on custom.config.scss, after compiled the theme but something differences in the pages.

    Let me show it..
    Main page:

    Other pages:

    Before i made anything the navbar bugs were there at the beginning.
    The logo-block-padding works only the main page.

    I don't understand.
    Could you tell me how can i fix it?

    Thank you!
  13. Arty

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    All pages use same stylesheet, so I guess its browser cache that needs to be refreshed.
  14. Pacsker

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    I always push ctrl+shift+r and shift+F5, to refresh the page, but it didn't help in that case. After that (while i adjust some parameters) the left side spacing corrected. Maybe some cache problem caused on the server or on my pc.
    What you see on the navbar's right side (half letters under icons) is still available. I have deleted all of my (and forum) cookies, i have restarted my computer, i have tried it from other browsers and tools...
    It is only shows on the main page. I don't understand it.

    Do you have any idea to solve it?

    Other question.
    I have restored category images, but something went wrong and the "topics, posts, last posts" trio appeared on index.php, and viewforum.php

    Please help, where can i fix it?

  15. Arty

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    Maybe you have some extension that adds stylesheet or in some other way messes with code on those pages?
  16. Gaby

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    The version for phpbb 3.2 has just been released : https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/extension/thanks_for_posts_2

    I do not understand what you want. Look at the extensions (like Board3 portal, which you can use only sidebar?) or at this code from... Arty (Should works with phpbb 3.2) : https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=14085556#p14085556

    @Pacsker: Have you installed the latest version available on github (https://github.com/MrGabatt/EleganceForPhpbb32)? Do you have a link to your forum? Disables all extensions to see what this gives, then reactivates one by one, to possibly identify where the problem is coming from.

    EDIT : @Pacsker: do you have Profile Flair extension installed? (See https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/style/digi/support/topic/187461)
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  17. Abraham54

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    Hello Gaby,
    I like to know how to get extra tabs in in the upper navbar next to Forum & Members.
  18. Gaby

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  19. Abraham54

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    I do not mean that, I like to have the possibility to make extra tabs in the navbar after Forum/Members!
  20. Abraham54

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