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Discussion in 'ColorizeIt Bug Reports' started by aflr, Oct 5, 2011.

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    I recently installed SMF 2.0.1 and used Colorizeit to change the color of the SMF Curve Theme. When I installed the modified theme and created a new topic in a Board with that theme, the email.gif was displayed as "broken". I used the procedure recently posted for a problem with the useron.gif and was able to correct the problem. I extracted the email.gif from the original SMF images/bbc directory and zipped it separately. I then used the url from the modified theme and processed the zip file. After downloading the new file I extracted email.gif and then replaced the "bad" file in the original colorized theme .zip and re-installed it in SMF. No more broken icon. I had to do the same thing for a number of themes with different color changes.
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    Thanks for reporting.

    That bug is a mystery to me. It affects only Curve theme and doesn't make any sense. I've tripple checked gif parser, its impossible for it to generate such images, but somehow it does. It happens randomly, there is no logic behind it.

    I'll try to find and fix whatever is causing it, but chances are I'll write new engine faster than this problem with Curve theme will be fixed.
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    Finally found this bug. Its a bug in SMF, not in ColorizeIt. For some reason it messed up several files when unpacking and uploading style. I've opened a bug report on SMF forums.

    Workaround for it: instead of uploading zip file via admin control panel, unpack it and upload files via ftp. Or upload and install style via admin control panel and after that reupload files via ftp overwriting all images that SMF messed up during upload.