ColorizeIt: colorize your own styles!

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Arty, Dec 7, 2011.

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    New feature is available on ColorizeIt: colorize your own style.

    It allows you to colorize your own styles without submitting them to styles database. How does it work:
    1. You upload a sample image.
    2. Change colors.
    3. Upload zip file.
    4. ColorizeIt applies your color changes to uploaded zip file and sends you modified zip file.

    Important: this function is experimental, there might be bugs.

    Some cool stuff:
    - When you upload a sample image, ColorizeIt will scan it for colors. You don't need to add/remove colors, ColorizeIt will do it for you. This is experimental and works correctly only with good sample images.
    - There are two URL parameters you can use for colorizeit.html: sample and colors.

    "Sample" parameter: it is URL of sample image. Example:
    "Colors" parameter: default color scheme. You can get color scheme string by testing sample image here: Example:
    What are those parameters for? You can link to ColorizeIt editor from your own website and use this for commercial styles. Upload sample image on your website, create color scheme (optional), link to colorizeit.html and your users will be able to colorize your styles.


    Next announcement (will be posted in few weeks): colorizeit script becoming open source in 2012 :D