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Discussion in 'Updates' started by Arty, May 17, 2011.

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    I'm working on a new feature: advanced integration. You can read more about it on this page. At this point integration is fully functional, but subscription page isn't ready yet, so I can only add subscriptions manually.

    What is it? It is a feature that allows you to integrate ColorizeIt service into any website. Unlike simple integration, colorizeit downloads files directly from your website, not from styles database. All data is securely sent from your server to colorizeit and is associated only with current session.

    Some key points:
    • You do not need to submit your styles to styles database.
    • You have full control over who can download files and what is in those files.
    • Visitors will never know real locations of style files, so you can use it to colorize custom and commercial styles.
    • You can select layout of colorizeit editor, so it can match your website (currently only 2 options are available: default layout and layout that resembles prosilver style).

    Documentation is not complete yet, but there is enough documentation to get you started. If you would like to use the feature, you can prepare your website for integration while I'm finishing integration pages.

    It is a commercial service. There will be several subscriptions:
    • 7 day free trial. You will be able to test service for up to 7 days, it will be fully functional, but you will be limited to 10 downloads a day. To prevent abuse, trial can be activated only once per domain name.
    • Several commercial subscriptions. All subscriptions have a monthly fee, the difference between subscriptions is downloads limit per day. Simple one (should be enough for most designers offering commercial styles) is limited to 25 downloads per day, largest package is limited to 200 downloads per day.
    Downloads are not counted as actual downloads, but as number of different styles downloaded by different visitors using your subscription. So if one visitor downloads several color variations of same style, it is counted as 1 download, not as several downloads.

    Pages are updated daily. I'm adding more and more documentation as well as completing more parts of subscription management pages. Trial subscription option should be available within next 48 hours.

    P.S. I have updated this forum and purged all users who had 0 posts. If you have lost your forum account, you will need to register again. Sorry for inconvenience.
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    Update: trial subscriptions are working, you can create one from advanced integration page.
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    - Advanced integration is now free!
    - Subscription management page has been redesigned.

    Well... sort of free. There is a free package for designers with small websites, but packages for larger websites are still commercial. Limits have been increased for commercial packages (package for 25 euro was limited to 20 downloads a day, now it is limited to 30 downloads a day and so on).

    You can upgrade/downgrade at any time, so if you own a big website, you can start with a free package and then upgrade if needed.

    Tutorials are still not ready, they will be ready within next few days.
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    New tutorials are available on advanced integration page. Tutorials' source code can be downloaded, so you could see how it is done.