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    New add-on for XenForo is available: Photo CAPTCHA.

    It is in early alpha stage, but it is working.

    This is a simple CAPTCHA based on ASIRRA project's idea.
    User sees multiple images of different object, he must select images of correct type, such as dogs or cats.

    Its a good choice for your forum because its not a standard CAPTCHA, so spam bots can't solve it yet, its easy to customize and its very friendly to visitors.

    • Works without JavaScript.
    • Image collections can be easily customized.
    • If you have successfully completed CAPTCHA, but failed to fill in some other registration form field, images will be automatically selected, so you won't have to fill in twice.
    Beta version notes:
    • Current version is not translatable yet. All text is hardcoded.
    • There is no admin interface for managing collections of images yet.
    • Images are shown as is. Future versions will modify images to prevent spam bots from simply indexing image data.
    You can see it live on this website.

    How to add/remove/customize image collections:
    Go to directory library/PhotoCaptcha/Collections/. In that directory you will find sub-directories with collections of images. Add/remove images, edit collection.json (text file). Each image should be 200x160 pixels in jpg, png or gif format.

    Images in default collections are mostly from random websites. Some might be copyrighted. I'll replace them with images that can be distributed later.

    You can download it here: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/photo-captcha.1251/

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    Add-on has been updated.

    • More compact layout. Add-on shows 3 images per row instead of 2.
    • Captcha was not usable in overlays, this update fixes it.

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